We all want a home that is cosy, spacious, well maintained and resistant to weather and external influences. We dream of mountain views, the quiet of a valley or the river coolness of a beautiful waterfall in the mountains, and some of us would even bet on the hectic paceRead More →

To ensure customer safety, we will remove asbestos-containing materials from the site, including flooring, garage shelters, roofs, flue pipes, water tanks, cement panels and any other asbestos-containing materials. Our licensed and insured professionals can handle all surveying and removal work diligently and quickly. Clean and tidy work sites are alwaysRead More →

If you have discovered recently or suspect that you have contaminated roof tiles in your home or apartment, it is natural that you will look into asbestos removal options. Ours expert team has years of experience removing roof shingles and other ACMs (asbestos-containing materials). We will gladly provide you withRead More →